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THERMOBREAK™ is a flexible thermal insulation material made from closed cell, crosslinked polyolefin foam. The special crosslinking process utilised in the production of the material, as well as, its closed cell structure, results in insulating properties that are superior to conventional fibreglass, rubber and non crosslinked products.

A very low thermal conductivity value (k), and neglibible water absorption and vapour transmission rates reflect in its superior energy saving performance, in a variety of environments.

THERMOBREAK™ products are Fire Retardant (FR) and meet the BCA (Building Code of Australia) requirements to AS1530.3 - Early Fire Hazard, as well as British Standards BS476 parts 6 & 7.


Excellent insulation properties due to low k value, that remain unchanged during service life, and are unaffected by humidity.
The closed cell structure, will not absorb, or allow the spread of water thus preventing condensation or frost formation on cooling systems, chilled water & refrigerant lines. No additional water vapour barriers are required.
Supplied with reinforced aluminium foil, for increased performance and quicker installation.
Excellent compression characteristics due to crosslinked structure. It will not deforma round duct corners or areas surrounding pin mountings.
Wide working temperature (-80°C to 100°C).
Thinner gauges can be used to achieve effective insulation due to low k value. This is also allows the use of material in areas with space limitations.
Available in a wide range of thicknesses and widths to suit different insulation requirements.

Completely user friendly, does not emit dust or fibre particles in service or during installation. No special precautions (such as face masks or gloves) are required during installation.
Meets BCA requirements qith respect to AS1530.3 (1989) Early Fire Hazard and BS 476 parts 6 & 7 (foil type).
Non irritant and odourless
Does not allow build up of bacteria contaminiation
Resistant to fungi
Environmentally friendly - made from polyethylene without the use of CFC's or HCFC's.

Available in roll form, sheet form, or slit to special widths. Roll form allows easier installation by wrapping around duct.
Extremely flexible
Can be overlapped, butt-joined, using a sharp knife for ease of fabrication
Can be supplied with a foil laminated surface, thus halving installation labour costs
Extremely lightweight (only 25kg/m3)
Can be supplied with quality acrylic adhesive for quicker, more efficient installation.
Can be easily cut (or press - cut) to fit specific shapes
Can be easily torn



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Wine Vat Insulation


Underslab Insulation



Closed cell polyolefin foam


25Kg / m3

Thermal Conductivity (JIS A 1413) @ 20C 50-70% R.H.

0.032 W/mK

Tensile Strength (DIN 53571)

Lengthwise: 4.1 kPa/mm2
Crosswise: 3.0 kPa/mm2

Tear Resistance (DIN 53571)

Lenghwise: 1.8 kPa/cm
Crosswise: 1.1kPa/cm

Pulsating Compressive Loads (DIN 53574)

0.23 Kg /cm2

Comprehensive Load Cycles

Results: No Damage
Loss in thickness 1%

Water Absorption by Volume

After 7 days: 0.7%
After 28 days: 0.8%

Working Temperature

-80°C to 100°C

Noise Reduction Co-efficient (AS1045 - 1971)


Dynamic Stiffness

5mm thick 164 NM/m3
10mm thick 74 NM/m3

Chemical Resistance

Water (unaffected)
Sea water & brine
Soaps & detergents
Diluted acids
Diluted detergents / alkalis

Resistance to Fungi

Aspergillius Niger
Penicillium Citrinium
Rhizopus Negricans
Cladosporium Resinac
Chatomium Globosum

Foil Specifications


Reinforced aluminium foil


7.5 um

Moisture Permeability

Better than 0.8 gm / m2 / 24 hours @ 90% R.H. 38° C

Tensile Strength

Either Direction
6.4 Kg per 15 mm wide test specimen at a machine speed of 100mm per minute



AS1530.3 (1989)




Spread of flame



Heat evolves index



Smoke develop index


BS 476 Part 6

F.P.I. Index:


BS 476 Part 7

Class 1


BS 476 Park 6/7

Class 0





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