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Noise control can be complicated business, sometimes it requires a transmission loss barrier and at other times an absorber to soften the noise and control any reverberant noise build up, and there are times when the problem requires both of these approaches to achieve the best result.

This is where Foam Tape Sales range of composite barrier/absorber materials come to the fore as they are designed to deal with these situations in the most effective and economical way. Applications like compressor, generator or plant rooms, mobile machinery cabins and marine craft engine rooms all need this treatment to ensure the well being of those in the enclosed area, as well as those outside of it.

The decoupled high mass barrier layer ensures maximum reduction in the transmission of the sound wave through the structure to which it is attached while the hydrolysis resistant acoustic foam material reduces the noise effect and any reverberant noise build up within the enclosed space by absorbing the airborne sound waves.

Soundbarrier Mat is a flexible, tough, wear-resistant facing. 4kg or 8kg/m2 Soundbaffle with a 4mm polyester decoupling layer. Sound barrier Mat is designed to achieve maximum attenuation over a broad frequency range. The combination of dense, flexible loaded vinyl barrier with foam provides a total noise control system.

Suitable for use on vehicle floors, walls and bulkheads, it reduces noise from engines, gears and road noise, and a wide variety of facings are available to increase durability and weatherability. Closed cell foams are used in wet areas, as in marine or truck cab applications, and is available in boat deck mat colours.


Soundsorber barrier is a composite product comprised of two layers of acoustic foam (Soundsorber™) and a single flexible barrier.

This composite is designed to provide maximum noise reduction in the hardest environment. The isolation foam (6mm thick) decouples the flexible barrier from the substrate while the thicker absorbing foam (Soundsorber™) reduces the airborne noise.

Soundsorber Barrier is available with various foam thicknesses and surface coverings to accommodate any circumstances while still maintaining its excellent acoustic performance.

Hydrolysis resistant foam out lasts conventional acoustic foam three fold
Highly flexible barrier layer equals high transmission loss
Flame resistant surface layer, recommended for marine use
Unique manufacturing technique ensures total fusion of the foam to the barrier
Excellent noise reduction per given thickness of product

A variety of surface coverings to suit any application
High performance pressure sensitive adhesive backing, exhibits excellent initial tack and adhesion to clean dry surfaces and provides high sheer and heat resistance.
A polyurethane sealer is available to seal any exposed edges
Foam Tape Sales offers facilities for die cutting and fabricating to customers requirements
Can be supplied in rolls or convenient sheet size.

Soundsorber Barrier

Surface Finish

Plain foam, polyurethane film, aluminised polyester, foil, perforated vinyl, reinforced aluminium foil

Barrier Weight

2.5, 4.5, 8.0 kg/m2

Product size

1.30 x 1.0m
2.40 x 1.30m (rolls available on request)

Foam Thickness

6, 12, 25, 50mm (polyether hydrolysis resistant)


Ignitability Index
Spread of Flame Index
Heat Evolved Index
Smoke Developed Index



* Flammability results based on tests carried out on Soundsorber NA25AL

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